Festiva 2022 has been postponed and moved to August 2023.

Many months of planning have gone into the festival by a huge team of people across the Festiva team, its partners, suppliers, and the local Hyndburn council. With certain elements outside our control one of those is an acceptable entry and access to the Showground.

We have been unable to secure a satisfactory entrance and exit that is suitable and therefore causes issues with gaining the relevant permissions required to hold the event in a safe and considered manner to the surrounding area.

Given the short amount of time prior to August 13th, 2022, it leaves us no time to apply for any other possible solutions.

We do believe given time there are options to be secured via planning and other landowners but given the date of the festival it will now not be viable for this year.

Unfortunately, this means we are going to have to pull the event for August 2022, and we will be rolling it over to 2023.

All customers who have purchased are being refunded in full, and no monies are being retained by Festiva or Skiddle.

We would like to pay particular thanks to Hyndburn Council who have been exceptional in moving this forward, the issues are not related to anything in their control.

We will maintain and build upon this year’s line-up, with a view to creating something even more spectacular than what was planned for 2022.

Festiva Team 😊