Local Residents & Businesses

As much as we feel this is going to be a great weekend and will be fantastic for Great Harwood, we are mindful that not everybody will feel the same and we will do our upmost to work with everyone.

We are very conscious of the positive and negative impact to the local area.

We are now reviewing all adjacent neighbours and will be looking to visit and talk through our plans, and of course allocating free tickets to households that qualify and discounts to others that may be a little further away.

We are in the process of locating postcodes and will shortly commence in contacting those
residents. Should you have purchased and subsequently qualify for free or discounted tickets we will apply the relevant level of refund in due course.

Those who qualify will be contacted directly via post.

Local Businesses, in and around Great Harwood.
We are actively looking for businesses who we can partner with from the local and surrounding

In the first instance, email garry@festiva.live where Garry will send your interest to the relevant team

Are you a local social influencer, do you run a Facebook group?
If so, we would love too here from you to help get the word out there!
Please contact garry@festiva.live