Lost Children

Festiva is set in over 22 acres of wonderful Lancashire countryside, about 11 football pitches.

The festival site itself is secure and fenced in, and where there are exits, they are manned constantly. As are the car parks and foot pathways to the site.

When you enter, you’ll be given a wristband.

We urge you to write your number on it as this ensures, should we find them, or they get into distress we can contact you quickly.

Our security teams have contact throughout the entire site and directly to the CCTV operations centre, as well as to all site entrances and car parks.

In the unfortunate event that a child is unlocatable, please inform a member of staff immediately, providing as much detail as possible.

We’re striving constantly to ensure a safe environment for all our guests and if need be, could within minutes close all entrances to the whole festival site should the need arise.