Welfare at Festiva

We take customer behaviour and safety very seriously.

Our aim is to create amazing experiences to remember in a safe and controlled environment. Everybody is out to enjoy the day, if you do see someone who looks worse for wear or needs help, do what’s right and check on them, stay calm and alert one of our security or welfare teams if it’s needed.

We want everyone to have as much fun as humanly possible but there are some that just take it too far, you’d hope your friends would pull you inline but we’re on-hand to help if not. Please have as much fun as you can, at the same time take care and look out for each other.

Music festivals can be an overwhelming environment to be in take some time out in our designated chill out areas, or if you need go visit the First aid tent there will be someone on hand to help.

Any member of the Festiva team, stall holder food trader or partner know the protocols should someone need assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.


Let’s make it 100% clear. We operate a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to drugs. Our security teams work closely with the Lancashire Police, and we continue to review and improve the already robust search and security measures we have in place.

At the root of our guests are families which won’t draw the same attention the younger pure music festivals attract. Even, so we’re no less strict and continue to prevent the chance of organised crime and help make Festiva a safe festival to attend.

Anyone found in possession of drugs or selling drugs at Festiva may face prosecution. Please don’t ruin your day or those around you, we urge you not to bring or use illegal drugs at our festival.

If you decide to bring drugs to the festival and have a moment of clarity on your way in to the site, it’s not too late. Use the AMNESTY BINS (a place you can safely dispose of any drugs, without getting into trouble) located before the queue and search lanes at the site entrance.

Remember, the police and security team are ultimately on site to keep you safe, if you’re nice to them they even smile!